How can I manage being a long distance caregiver?

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Distance from an older loved one who may need help or support adds an additional layer of concern for the caregiver, who must try to determine how their loved one is doing through telephone conversations and information from others who are "on the scene." As a long distance caregiver, there are steps you can take that will help you feel more comfortable about your role. It may also be helpful to you to explore other topics within The Elder's Advocate, including "I'M WORRIED ABOUT MY LOVED ONE LIVING ON HIS/HER OWN" and 'I WANT TO EXPLORE OPTIONS WHEN LIVING AT HOME NO LONG SEEMS THE BEST CHOICE FOR MY LOVED ONE".

When you have completed the Situation Review, print it out along with the accompanying Interpretation of Your Responses. You will also be presented with relevant  resources that will be helpful to you in providing care for your loved one from a distance. Hold on to the paper print-out so that you can go back and review them as often as needed. Remember you can return to The Elder's Advocate and go through the Situation Review again if things change.

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