I am considering whether I should live with my loved one in order to provide in-home care.

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Having a loved one who has care needs move into your home or moving yourself into your loved one’s home brings tremendous changes for you both.  Although there may be many rewards in being an in-home caregiver for a loved one, it may also create significant additional stresses.

The Situation Review included with this topic presents statements that may help you think about whether being an in-home caregiver would work for you and your loved one. Of course your loved one needs to consider whether the option of sharing a home will work for her or him as well.

While some of the statements below may be emotionally difficult to think about, keep in mind that there are no right or wrong responses. When you have completed  the Situation Review you will be able to print it out along with the Interpretation of Your Results. You will also be presented with relevant resources. You can use the print out of  you Situation Review responses and the Interpretation as you review the resources to determine what supports are available to help for you and your loved if you decide to be an in-home caregiver.. Hold on to the paper print-outs so that you can go back and review them as often as needed. Remember you can return to The Elder's Advocate and go through the Situation Review again if things change.

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