I am worried about my loved one living on his/her own.

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Many, if not most, older adults, wish to remain in their own homes as long as possible. Even when staying at home does not seem ideal, often the thought of moving somewhere new, making new friends, finding new places to shop or worship, can be stressful at any age.

It is often possible for an older adult to remain in his/her home even as he or she may become more frail. Many types of services are available to provide the support an older adult requires to continue to live at hom

This topic will help you look at some of the benefits and/or challenges that your loved one may experience in living at home. After reading each statement in the Situation Review, click on the choice that seems most true.  When you complete the Situation Review you can print iit you along with the Interpretation of Your Responses. You will also be presented with relevant resources that can offer supports for your loved one at home.  Use the paper record of your responses and the Interpretation to identify resources that will meet your and your loved one's needs. Hold on to the paper print-out so that you can go back and review it as often as needed. Remember you can return to The Elder's Advocate and go through the Situation Review again if things change.

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