Depression in Older Adults

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What is Depression?

Many people feel sad at different points in their lives, but depression is different than temporary sadness. Clinical depression is categorized as a mood disorder. The feelings that develop during depression such as sadness, loss, anger, or frustration interfere with a person’s everyday life for an extended length of time. An older adult with depression may also feel discouraged or worthless. There are many older adults who suffer from this illness and at numerous times it is undiagnosed, because symptoms of depression may be different in older adults and there are possible apprehensions when admitting to symptoms.
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Exercise and Older Adults

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Why is it important to keep older adults active?

Most older adults are not getting enough physical activity. The combination of a lack of physical activity and a poor diet is major underlying cause of death in the United States. Exercise can help older adults feel better and enjoy life more, even if they think they are too old or too out of shape. Regular exercise is important because it can improve some diseases and disabilities in older people who already have them. It can also improve a person’s mood and relieve depression. If a person stays physically active on a regular, permanent basis it can help prevent or delay certain diseases and disabilities as people grow older.
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