How To Use CaregiverGPS – The Elder’s Advocate

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Organization of Each Topic

CaregiverGPS -The Elder’s Advocate consists of six topics with tools to assist you and your loved one make the significant care decisions you are facing. Each topic includes:

  • An Introduction to the Topic / Important Information offering an overview of the subject matter and background information that will be helpful for understanding your available options
  • A Situation Review that will help you (a) Clarify your own  and your loved one’s needs, values, preferences and abilities; (b)  Identify the information you have and information you may need to get; (c) Become aware of and understand available care options; and (d) Find relevant resources.
  • A Guide to Interpreting Your Responses to help you understand what your responses to the Situation Review suggest about the options you, your loved one and your family may want to consider.
  • Resources that are relevant to the particular topic you are exploring and will assist you in finding the support you and your loved one may need.

Each Situation Review contains a number of statements for you to consider. Each statement is followed by several possible responses. Click on the response that most nearly seems correct for you.  Keep in mind that there are no right or wrong answers.

You will be able to print out a paper copy of the Situation Review, including the Guide to Interpreting Your Responses. By going over the paper copy you will  get a clearer sense of the information you have and the information you need,  of your, your loved one’s and your family’s values, preferences and abilities, and how to start putting resources in place to address the issue you are facing.  Save the print-out and come back to it if you want to review your responses and the available resources again.

Navigating CaregiverGPS -The Elder’s Advocate

Wherever you are in the CaregiverGPS -The Elder’s Advocate website, you can return to the homepage by clicking on the name “CaregiverGPS -The Elder’s Advocate” in the upper left corner of the blue banner along the top of each page.  If you are exploring one topic and decide you want to go to another topic, click on the  “Caregiving Topics” link in the blue banner along the top of each page.  You can also select a topic from the list in the black banner at the bottom of each page. Some pages will also have the same list of topic links along the left hand side of the page. You can also select a topic there.

Directions for Using CaregiverGPS – The Elder’s Advocate

Quick Checklist:

  • Select a topic
  • Read the Introductory/Important Information
  • Complete the Situation Review – there are no “right” or “wrong” answers
  • Log in to save your responses if you do not complete the Situation Review
  • When you complete the Situation Review, click on the Print Answers button to get a print out of your responses and a guide to interpreting them. You can email the Situation Review with your responses and the guide to yourself or to someone else if you don’t have a printer.
  • Consider your options in light of your responses to the Situation Review
  • Find resources in the Guide to Interpreting Your Responses to the Situation Review and on the Resources page. You can print out the Resources page and refer to it as you need to.

 At the bottom of this page is a list of six topics. Click on the topic of concern for you and your loved one.  After reading the Introduction/Important Information for the topic, click on the Click to Proceed button  at the top of the page to open the Situation Review.  Each Situation Review has a number of statements on several pages.  The number of statements contained in a Situation Review is stated at the top of its opening page . When you have responded to the statements on one page of a Situation Review, move to the next page by clicking the “Next” button. There is a “Next” button on the right at the top and bottom of each page.

Completing the Situation Review may take a bit of time as you consider your responses. If you need to leave a Situation Review before you have completed it, you can save your responses and come back to finish it later simply by logging in before you leave.  There is a log in button at the top of each page. You can log in using your aol, yahoo, gmail, or open ID user name or you can create a CaregiverGPS account.  If you log in  before leaving the CaregiverGPS website your responses to the uncompleted Situaation Review will still be there when you log in again.

When you come to the end of the Situation Review, click on “Next” and you will get a printer-friendly version of the Situation Review with your responses along with  the Guide to Interpreting Your Responses. Click on the “Print Answers” icon to get a print-out of both the Situation Review with your responses and the Guide.  By clicking on the “Email” icon you can email the Situation Review with your responses and the Guide to yourself to review later or, if the computer you are using is not conntected to a printer, you may email the page to some else whose computer is connected to a printer to get a paper copy. 

Take some time reviewing your responses to the Situation Review.  As you think about your responses, they will give you a fuller sense of your and your loved one’s situation, of the information you have and the information you still need to get in order to make good choices together.  You can then move on to the Resources page by clicking “Next”. You will be able to print out the resources page. As you begin to formulate a plan for caring for your loved one, the resources on the Resources page may provide useful information, guidance and help.

 When you have completed a topic, please take a moment and click on the Evaluation button to take a short survey. We value your feedback about Caregiver GPS -The Elder’s Advocate! Thank you!

Click on the topic below that interests you and begin using CaregiverGPS -The Elder’s Advocate!